How A Brooklyn Mother of Four Turned A Remedy Into A Business

Hello! I’m Gail, a mother of four beautiful children. The inspiration for my line of natural products began with my babies and has developed into the most amazing self-empowerment movement. As a child, I loved the arts. My mother, a nurturing soul from Georgia, and father, a charismatic spirit from Trinidad, did their best with the little money and time they had to support my creative longings. As a young adult, I became a creative arts activities leader, using arts therapy to comfort and encourage others. Shortly after, I became a single mother and a full time care-taker, both at work and home. My creative energy was drained. I had no Gail time.

I discovered that my daughters suffered from eczema, and soon after learned about the healing powers of shea butter. I found a small West African store where I could buy a block of shea butter and began applying it regularly to my and my children’s bodies. My youngest son complained about the smell, and my daughter preferred cocoa butter because the shea butter was too “rough and hard”. My creative voice spoke to me, and I started adding natural oil fragrances to the shea butter, then other natural products that I would infuse to soften the texture. Finding the time to experiment was difficult, so I started waking up an hour before the house became busy. It was my time to be creative. My children would wake up to the sweet aroma of lavender and mango, and it put everyone in a good mood. I wore my creations to work and co-workers would always comment on how great my skin looked and how good I smelled. One day a friend asked me to share some of my stuff with her. Word got around the building, and then I heard a co-worker tell a friend, “you need to buy some of Gail’s Stuff!”

I decided to sell my products at local street fairs, to family friends, and on 125th Street in Harlem. Today, my stuff not only provides me with creative and artistic freedom, but it has supported me financially, and most importantly, has improved so many people’s skin in addition to making them feel and smell divine! Thank you for supporting Gail’Stuff. Enjoy!

And to make all of this even sweeter, I managed to connect with the same creative director (Chacon Johnson of Helen Marie Creative Partners, LLC.) who designed and launched Carol's Daughter's first online presence and wrote the tagline they're still using today, "Beauty by Nature". It's a small world full of big creatives.


From People Who Use Gail’Stuff

After 4 months of using Gail’Stuff, I am a loyal customer. I recommend Gail'Stuff for anyone interested in high quality merchandise at an affordable price.
- Sha'Allah Shabazz

This combination of shea butter and other natural ingredients goes on so smooth, and I like the shine it puts on my skin. I can't get enough of the cranberry! Great product, great prices.
- Molika D. Muhammad

My wife and I wanted to share with everyone that we are highly impressed with the products we received. When my wife walked in the room from taking her nightly shower, I could see how vibrant and moist her skin was. Definitely amazing to experience. I had asked her if she put something on her skin after she came out the shower in which she replied, "No". Her skin was glowing from using the products inside the shower. We are super excited and will continue using the products. With that said, we would like to say, thanks since we have found the fountain of youth.
- Zahir and Deborah Rashed

We just wanted to say how great we think your products are! Love the various fragrances of your shea butters, soaps, scrubs and gels; they make our skin supple, soft, smooth and smell great. Everyone wants to know about the oils we wear. They want to know where did we get them from and comment that they smell so good! Kudos for Gail'Stuff!!! We have found just what we've been looking for. Thank you!!!
- Shahidah & Hakim Rashed

Please email me directly if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.